Project aims

Welcome to Transkills

Transkills works with academic staff and students to facilitate the transition of first year undergraduates from their prior learning experiences to study at university.

Through discipline-specific workshops and online resources, the project seeks to enable students to take full advantage of the educational opportunities provided during their first year.

Project aims include

  • Collaborating with colleges to support provision of academic development activity appropriate to local college context.
  • Leading a series of interactive workshops for college facilitators themed around academic transition issues.
  • Developing further discipline-specific resources for first year students which will be made available to all colleges, faculties and departments.
  • Establishing and facilitating networks for those involved in academic development activities where resources can be shared and approaches and strategies explored.
  • Acting as advisors in cases where colleges, faculties and departments might wish to seek advice in developing new resources.
  • With colleges, facilitating the development of engagement models and evaluation strategies to suit local contexts.


Second year Divinity student on the Faculty's academic writing resource

This is just absolutely excellent. I unfortunately learned most of this the hard way last year and wasted a lot of time. If I'd had this last year, it would have been so helpful.

Supervisor on the Faculty of Divinity's Academic Writing online resource

As a supervisor looking for material to pass on to students, I find this absolutely outstanding - many thanks. Best of all is the way the whole package breaks the task down into steps and the humane tone which gives the reasons alongside every piece of advice.

Supervisor In Biological Sciences

I believe I have greatly benefited from the workshop and I look forward to implementing the principles in my future supervisions. Thanks a lot for organising such a great workshop.

Director of Studies, Faculty of History

I have been very impressed by the professionalism of the Transkills Team and their sensitivity to subject-specific approaches to learning and teaching.

It has been a pleasure working with them in the development of a new web-based resource to help Freshers make the transition to studying History at university, and I am looking forward to our planned collaboration to develop parallel resources for History supervisors. I would strongly encourage other departments to make use of their services.


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